N-Power Build Shortlisted Candidates 2020

N-Power  Build Shortlisted Candidates 2020 — Download PDF

N-power build shortlist is out for candidates who applied to check their names. However, only those who applied and are successful from the online screening will get shortlisted.

Nevertheless, some people who applied for the n-power build will not get shortlisted for several reasons.

Reasons Why N-Power Applicants Might Not Get Shortlisted

  • You might not get shortlisted either because you did not meet up with the requirement for the position you applied for.
  • Also, It is like that you will not be shortlisted if you are already found to be employed as the recruitment was for the unemployed.
  • Again, if you are beyond 35 years of age, it is likely for you not to get employed.
  • Importantly, if you did not apply through the right website, you will not get employed. Ofcourse, this might sound weird but some people made some applications before the stipulated time. While some made the application with a website which is not www.npower.fmhds.gov.ng
  • Besides the already mentioned criteria, applicants who did not submit their application successfully would not get shortlisted. As funny as it might sound, some people might forget to conform the submission button and hence did not apply successfully.
  • After all, it is still possible that you did everything well as requested but still not get shortlisted. This could be because of the millions of people who applied for the same positions.
  • Since a fair screening is made, a random selection of qualified persons is also likely to happen. As a result, some might get lucky and the others might not.

Not to worry, you can easily check if you are lucky and among the shortlisted in this site.

Note: N-power shortlist is not yet out but will be out in due time.

Nevertheless, you still need to know what to expect when it is out. Eventually, the list will be out and applicants should be prepared for what comes after the shortlist.

What To Expect When You Get Shortlisted

If you get shortlisted in the n-power build, you should expect to turn up in your state of residence.

You are likely to get posted to residence address which you entered while applying.

Nevertheless, a directive will be sent to your email which you used to register.

From the email, you will get all the informations you need to resume duty at once as an n-power beneficiary.

N-power Build Transition

Though transition will occur during the ending of the scheme for every batch. This batch C which are about to start benefiting will also be transited. However, Transition is the movement of the n-power beneficiaries to a place of work after they have completed their scheme.

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About N-power permanency

n-power build permanency

As a beneficiary of the n-power build, you are likely to get permanented in a federal government agency. Also, you can get employed in a firm where your skill is required.

For example, you can get permanted in a construction company either for federal government or a private firm. Private firms like Weatherford and many others which might have vacancy.

Is it possible that one who apply for n-power build not to get shortlisted in n-power build?

Ofcourse, not everyone who applied for a position will get recruited for that position.

While applying, N-power clearly stated that it is not compulsory that you will get recruited into your choice of specialisation.

When Will N-power batch C Recruitment Shortlist Be Out?

Currently, there is no stipulated time for the release of the n-power shortlist.

This site will be updated upon the release of the shortlist. Therefore,  applicants are advised to stay updated.

Betterstill, you can bookmark this page to get notifications when the site is updated.

Also, you can leave your email in the comment section below to get direct n-power build recruitment update.

Feel free to ask your questions and comments in the comment section below and expect a prompt response.

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