Npower Teach Shortlisted Candidates Batch C 2020

Npower Teach shortlisted candidates Batch C 2020 — Download Pdf

N-power teach shortlist has been released. Therefore, everyone who applied for the recruitment exercise should check their names.

Among the several categories where applicants were meant to benefit from, n-power teach shortlist is out.

However, only applicants who applied online through the right portal and met up with the requirements would be shortlisted.

In addition, only successful applicants would get shortlisted. Therefore, if you are sure that you successfully applied for the n-power teach recruitment exercise, this post is for you.

How do you know you have successfully applied for n-power teach batch c 2020?

Kindly read through this article to confirm your application.

Did you apply using this process below?

  • Log into
  • Create your profile by entering your name, BVN, email address.
  • Afterwards, you would get redirected to your email from n-power direct portal to continue your application.
  • Later on, you would be asked to fill the form provided to you on your dashboard. Therefore, this part should be filled carefully to avoid entering wrong details.
  • Subsequently, upload required credentials as requested by n-power teach.
  • Before submission of the form, cross check you provided right details and uploaded the right documents.
  • Finally, submit the form online.

lf you did all these and at the right time, then you should go ahead to check if you have been shortlisted.

How To Check Yo If You Have Been Successfully Shortlisted In N-Power Teach 2020

  • Kindly visit N-power batch c recruitment portal @
  • Enter your email address or phone number which you used to register during application.
  • Click on check button

What To Know About N-Power Teach

After seeing your name among the shortlisted candidates, it is necessary that you know some of these informations.

Fortunately, if you get shortlisted in the n-power teach recruitment 2020, you would be posted to a primary school.

However, this does not mean that you will be replacing the teachers who are already present in the school you are posted to. Meaning, you would assist the already present teacher in teaching the children.

Unfortunately, not all who applied for n-power teach would get shortlisted. Probably, you might apply for n-power teach and get shortlisted in n-power agro.

Moreover, here are common questions asked by applicants and their answers. This post contains rich informations about N-power teach which would enable successful applicants know what to do and expect.

Common Questions And Answers About N-Power Teach

Is It Possible For One To Get Recruited In A Department You Did Not Apply?

Ofcourse, it is possible to apply for n-power teach and find yourself in n-power tax.

This happens mostly when the department is occupied at that moment, but you qualification fits for another department.

Therefore, in this situation, it is very likely that you would be transferred.

What Are The Chances Of Getting Permanency In N-Power Teach

Actually, you have a great opportunity to be part of a bigger plan. This plan could be to impact knowledge in children and help establish a sustainable development among them.

However, one of the targets and benefit of n-power is to not only teach you but empower you after skills acquisition. Thus, after learning and developing your skills, you would also have an opportunity to work in a federal government agency.

Meanwhile, it takes hard work and productive efforts of the beneficiary to attain this height.

What Federal Agencies Could N-Power Teach Beneficiaries Be Transited To?

Fortunately, you can be transited and permanented inaa federal agency as ;

  • A research analyst
  • An Education Consultant
  • Social services analyst
  • Project Manager

And so on…

These positions are opened because it is believed that being able to transform pupils who are the future, is a great task. Hence, the need to involve these teachers who have selflessly and successfully done this in bigger projects.

Job Description

As this scheme is set to develop talents, you would be assisting a teacher whom you would learn from and teach well.

You are not going to head a school or something like that. You are expected to work under the school’s authority and carry out the basic principles.

Nevertheless, you can be assigned to handle a class if the need be. Depending on the situation of the school you are posted to.

However, you will be supervised regularly by N-power staff to make sure you are doing well.

Note: n-power teach shortlisted candidates will be posted here immediately the shortlist is out.

To stay updated and get more information about n-power teach shortlisted candidates, kindly bookmark this page.

Also, feel free to ask related questions and they will be given due attention.

Your comments and questions help us serve you better because they enable readers get more information.

Hence, for further clarification, Kindly drop your questions and comments in the comment section below.

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