N-Power Agro Shortlisted Candidates Batch C 2020 — Download PDF

N-Power Agro Shortlisted Candidates Batch C 2020 — Download PDF

N-power Agro shortlist has finally been released. However, only applicants who applied online are to check for their names.

Nevertheless, not all who applied for n-power agro would be shortlisted in N-power Afro shortlist.

However, you would only get shortlisted if you followed up the process as required.

Therefore, the online application was a form of screening. Meaning, only candidates who met up with the requirements as required will get shortlisted.

Confirm you made the right application by going through this application steps below.

Confirm Application Here

  • Apply through the official 2020 batch c n-power recruitment portal which is www.npower.fmhds.gov.ng
  • Create your profile by entering your email address and login password.
  • Fill the form provided to you with your bio-data and necessary details.
  • Upload necessary credentials
  • Finally, submit the form online and wait for further directives.

If you did all that above, then you should proceed to check if you have been shortlisted.

You might also want to know what n-power agro is about because you will need to know what is involved.

N-Power Agro

The federal government of Nigeria in collaboration with FMHDS found it necessary to empower youths in agriculture.

It is no news that Agriculture has improved the nation’s economy. Though, in recent times, people have neglected agriculture. Hence, the need to involve capable hands in the field now.

Eventually, those who would get shortlisted for this batch c N-power agro recruitment would learn more agricultural techniques.

Professional teachers who have with time achieve success in agriculture will teach the beneficiaries.

However, beneficiaries will not be given a portion of land to start farming, but would learn both theoritical and practical agriculture.

N-Power Agro Permanency

Recently, there have been questions pertaining to N-power agro permanency. Well, here comes the answer you seek.

N-power agro, just like other n-power beneficial categories offers permanency to qualified beneficiaries. Meaning, after being enrolled and tutored, depending on your outstanding performance, you will get permanented.

Also see;

N-power Permanency

However, beneficiaries are to apply for transition(transfering beneficiaries to federal government agencies to work permanently) before getting permanency.

Disclaimer: It is not compulsory that you get shortlisted in n-power agro even if you applied for n-power agro.

As a result, you could get shortlisted in n-power teach, build, tax, and others. Afterall, you will get shortlisted once you qualify to be enrolled.

In other words, do not be too sure to get shortlisted in the category you applied for.

Download PDF here when n-power agro shortlist gets released.

Note: n-power Afro shortlist is not yet out. Though shortlisted candidates who are successful will be published here.

Kindly bookmark this page to get notifications on npower updates as this site would be updated steadily.

Also, feel free to ask related questions and also comment in the comment section below.

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