US Army Recruitment 2020 — Requirements & How To Apply

US Army Recruitment 2020 — Requirements & How To Apply

A lot of people have been interested in joining the US Army, well this is an opportunity for you.  If you want to join the force, then you have to read up this article to know what it takes and all about it.

This article would give you all the information you need know about the US Army and how to apply too. To get the application portal of this job opportunity, keep reading down.

All questions concerning the US Army would be answered in this article, hence, feel free to share and ask your questions. There is no need for you to worry about how to apply for US Army anymore nor to know the requirements.

You would make a very smooth application and might even get enlisted if you follow the guidelines in this article.

Beware that there might be false news and a lot of contradictory informations, but this article has only original informations.

The US Army has prestige and therefore would require some thorough screening to get enrolled. Though, you do not need to let this bother you, just meet up to the requirements which will be listed below. If you do this, and follow the right procedures to apply, then you are on your way to getting enlisted.

Requirements For US Army Recruitment

Firstly, there is the general requirement which include :

  1. That all applicants must not be more than 22 years of age and lesser than 18.
  2. Applicants should have no children in his/her  custody.  Meaning that guardians of children should not apply.
  3. There should be no criminal record case in the person’s profile. Hence, anyone suspected or detected to have had a criminal case would be disqualified.

Moreover, there are also physical requirements and they include :

  1. Females should be up-to 6.0cm tall while males should be up to 7.0cm tall.
  2. Also, all applicants should be physically fit without no form of deformity

additionally, both medical and mental well being of every applicant is screened too. Therefore all applicant should be healthy and have no disability, both mentally and otherwise.

How To Apply

  • Visit the US Army recruitment direct portal @
  • Follow the directives from the site.
  • Fill in all required details and submit the form online.

Mind you, the form is free.  Therefore no payment should be made to anyone for the purchase of the form.

Note: currently, there is no ongoing recruitment by the US Army, though this site would be updated as soon it commences.

Importantly, note that this recruitment is for foreigners, hence is not limited by citizenship.

If you want to get notified when the recruitment commences, kindly indicate in our comment box.

Feel free to ask any questions in our comment box and it would be attended to.

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