N-Power Tax Batch C Shortlisted Candidates 2020 — Update

N-Power Tax Batch C Shortlisted Candidates 2020 — Update, Download PDF

N-power tax batch c shortlist has finally been released. Therefore, persons who applied for N-power recruitment despite the category you applied for should check their names.

The reason for the above statement is that not everyone who applied for a category will get shortlisted in that category.  Meaning, you could apply for n-power build and find yourself in n-power tax.

Hence, endeavour to check your name in any shortlist which is released not minding the area of specialisation.

This could be as a result of so much persons in the forum you applied for.

Also, it could be a result of the qualification you present while applying. In other words, if your qualifications fit more for a position, you might be transferred to that position.

Nevertheless, shortlistwd candidates can check their names by downloading the PDF here when the list is out.

Note: N-power tax shortlisted candidates for batch c 2020 is not yet released.

However, this site would get updates as soon as the list is released.

Moreover, candidates are expected to prepare just in case they get shortlisted. Though, not all who applied for the n-power recruitment will be successful. This could be for the following reasons below.

Why Some N-Power Batch C Applicants Might Not Get Shortlisted

  • You might not get shortlisted either because you did not meet up with the requirement for the position you applied for.
  • Also, It is like that you will not be shortlisted if you are already found to be employed as the recruitment was for the unemployed.
  • Again, if you are beyond 35 years of age, it is likely for you not to get employed.
  • Importantly, if you did not apply through the right website, you will not get employed. Ofcourse, this might sound weird but some people made some applications before the stipulated time. While some made the application with a website which is not www.npower.fmhds.gov.ng
  • Besides the already mentioned criteria, applicants who did not submit their application successfully would not get shortlisted. As funny as it might sound, some people might forget to conform the submission button and hence did not apply successfully.
  • After all, it is still possible that you did everything well as requested but still not get shortlisted. This could be because of the millions of people who applied for the same positions.
  • Since a fair screening is made, a random selection of qualified persons is also likely to happen. As a result, some might get lucky and the others might not.

However, if you get shortlisted, you should know the following I formations below.

You will be notified in the message which will be sent to the email you used to register.

Also, from the message, the informations you need to move further will be stated there. Including where and when you are to meet which is likely to be in your place of residence as indicated in your application.

N-Power Tax Transition

This is the movement of beneficiaries who have completed their scheme to a place of permanency. Though, this happens at the end of the tutoring period.

N-power Tax Permanency

After the beneficiaries have completed their skill acquisition program, permanency is the next phase. However, beneficiaries must apply for transition before they can get moved to a permanent working place.

Places where n-power tax beneficiaries can get permanented

N-power tax beneficiaries can permanent jobs with Nigerian tax force. This could be either on the federal government or state government level. Either way, you might get lucky and have permanent job for yourself after the scheme.

When Will The Shortlisted Candidates Be Released?

Currently, there is no fixed date for the release of the shortlist. However, this site will be updated as soon as the shortlisted candidates are released.

For more enquiries about n-power tax shortlist updates, or related posts, kindly ask questions in the comment section below.

Also, you can leave your email address in the comment section below if you want to get direct updates.

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