N-Power Permanency News 2020

N-Power Permanency News 2020

N-power permanency should be the concern of batch A and batch B beneficiaries. Read through this article to get n-power 2020 news and latest updates.

With the commencement of the batch A and batch B transition, n-power permanency is as well going on.

In case you are not aware of what N-power permanency is, you will be enlightened in this article.

Also, you will know the requirements to get permanented and how to achieve it.

What Is N-Power Permanency?

N-Power permanency follows n-power transition. Once you applied for N-power transition, you should expect to get permanency.

N-power moves beneficiaries to different agencies and ministries where they would become permanented.

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N-power transition

This is one of the benefits of N-power scheme. It is not just about the training, stipends and certificate but also the permanent employment.

After your 24 months of training and skill acquisition, you will be placed in a working area that suits your skill.

However, the different areas where N-power post beneficiaries for employment are stated below.

N-Power Build Permanency

The N-power scheme would empower the N-power build beneficiaries. They will place them in building and construction companies where their skills will be needed.

N-Power Agro

N-power Agro include beneficiaries who learnt the agricultural practices and have acquired farming skills.

However, they have access to getting loan from N-power and invest or be employed permanently.

N-Power Tax

Beneficiaries of this scheme will be placed in ministries and agencies where they would be needed.

Federal and state agencies would be opened to employ these beneficiaries.

N-Power Tech Software & Hardware

Again, this group of beneficiaries would be placed in federal agencies where they can practice what they have learnt.

Moreover, some private companies that needs workers would also be available to employ beneficiaries.

N-Power Teach

Also, beneficiaries in this category will be employed by federal government schools. Otherwise, state government schools are also available.

Meanwhile, the benefit of this scheme is that you have the opportunity to get a permanent job.

These categories and others have same opportunity of being employed in a well paying organization.

Note: Those who applied for the transition should try to be updated about permanency News.

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