N-Power Transition 2020 Updates

N-Power Transition 2020 Updates

The N-power transition is now going on. Therefore, batch A and batch B can now apply for transition. Kindly read this article to get all the informations you need to know about N-Power transition.

There have been questions about the N-power transition and how to go about it.

This article would be giving you the informations about;

  • what N-power transition is all about.
  • Application portal and
  • How to apply.

Meanwhile, this information is very important for batch A and batch B beneficiaries. 2016/2017 N-power beneficiaries who have been engaged in several skill acquisition in this program are being transited.


N-power transition is the movement of n-power beneficiaries to other ministries. All the beneficiaries of this program who show interest would be moved to ministries where they could work permanently.

This will give space for another batch to come in, get trained and also benefit from the scheme.

However, the transition could be to ministries where their acquired skills are needed.

Therefore, this should be taken seriously and not as a joke.

Also, new batch which are coming in (batch c)  should also know that it pays to work hard. Meaning, if you put value to what you are learning and become the best at it,  you will definitely be permanented.

Anyways, to get transited, you would have to apply for it. Nevertheless, it is very simple to apply for transition.  Read below to see how to apply.

How To Apply For Transition.

  • Batch A and batch B should visit www.npvn.gov.ng
  • N-power volunteer network would be available to allow you apply for transition.
  • Create your account.
  • After that, click on transition registration.

This is applicable for

N-power build,

N-power Teach

N-power Tax

N-power Tech hardware

N-power Tech software

N-power Agro

These groups as stated above will be transited to their different areas of specialisation.

Therefore, if you want to be transited to a ministry where you are likely to earn from, apply for transition.

Batch A and batch B was delayed of their 2 months stipends because of this transition process.

Nevertheless, the stipends would be all paid and cleared among the beneficiaries.

To get more informations about n-power transition, kindly ask questions in our comment box.

Your comments are also important as they would be given due attention.





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