FG Reaction To Opening NYSC Orientation Camp 2020/2021

FG Reaction To NYSC Re-Opening Orientation Camp 2020.

Recently, prospective Corp members have been patient enough and anticipating for the re-opening of orientation camp.

Mind you, the orientation camp cannot be opened, unless an order is given from the federal government through the PTF.

However, before students can be mobilised for service, the presidential task force are supposed to allow or give permission.

Unfortunately, up till now the presidential task force has not given a go ahead order.

Although, it was earlier proposed or rumoured that the camp has been opened or it will be opened this October.

Recently, Mrs Adenike Adeyemi who is the director of press and public relations, NYSC in Abuja has countered such rumour and has declared it fake.

Now, the question is;

  • When will NYSC Orientation camp re-open?
  • Also, when will the next batch be mobilised for service?
  • Does the federal government intend to cancel the 3 weeks orientation camping?
  • Would any other batch be mobilised this year?

Well, these questions are very common questions asked by especially the prospective Corp members who are supposed to be in service by now.

Nevertheless, we will try as much as possible to give clarifications to these questions in this post.

NYSC Orientation Camp Re-Opening Date

Like earlier stated, the organisation seem to be waiting for a directive from the presidential task force before they can re-open the orientation camp. As a result, the orientation camp cannot be opened until an official directive has been given from the federal government.

Actually, the reason for this is due to the pandemic and the federal government seeks to end the spread of the Covid-19 virus. By so doing, the camp cannot be opened until we can be rest assured that the the virus is under control. Furthermore, safety measures are to be well structured and available for the PCMs to ensure their safety.

Former orientation camp re-opening date : the orientation camp was rumored to reopen on the 27th of October. To this effect, the public relations officer, NYSC has declared it fake.

Therefore, no particular date has been fixed for the re-opening of orientation camp.


  • There is no date release yet for the re-opening of NYSC  orientation camp. 

  • Also, the federal government does not intend to cancel the 3 weeks orientation camp.

  • Therefore, disregard any news saying otherwise.

  • Confirm news from NYSC direct portal @ nysc.gov.ng before accepting and spreading them.

PCMs are hereby advised to keep  their fingers crossed and pay attention to NYSC latest updates. To get the latest updates, you can save this page link and visit frequently. Otherwise, you can indicate by leaving your email address if you want to get our latest NYSC updates.

Interestingly, this site is always up to date with NYSC news, so we will update this site once there are updates.

Also check out; NYSC Portal And monthly allowance updates

Meanwhile, fee free to ask any questions and comments here and we will provide the assistance that you need.

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