NYSC latest updates 2020 — Monthly Allowance

NYSC Latest Updates 2020 — Monthly Allowance

There have been rumors concerning the payment of June allowances for Corp members.

These rumors have been spread saying there would be a delay or postponement of June stipends.

However, this article is published to bring to the notice of the public the original news.

Corp members have been advised to be careful about the informations they hear and spread.

Recently, the rumor of NYSC postponing the allowance of corp members for the month of June have gone viral. However, this rumour have been proven to be false by NYSC offcial

There have been questions asked by Corp members concerning the July allowance also called allowee.

However, this is what NYSC has to say about this rumour. According to NYSC, as said in their official facebook page, these rumors are false.

Considerably, contrary to the rumours, NYSC assured all Corp members that their monthly allowances would be paid as stipulated.

Therefore, Corp members need not to be afraid nor worry about this.

In addition, the batch B stream 2 Corp members who will be passing out on the 16th of July are also considered.

According to the NYSC, batch C stream 2 Corp members would be passing out and paid as well.  Also, they would be given transport allowances to convey them to their destinations.

Hence, the rumour of June and July allowance been paid together should be disregarded.

Corp members are therefore advised to stay put and be careful in other not to be deceived nor misled.

Again, management is appealing to the public to stop disseminating fake or junk news.

Warning ⚠: Disseminating of junk news is a criminal act and is punishable by law. Hence, anyone involved in this act are warned to desist from such for their own good.

When Will June Stipend Be Paid

Comparing with the payment date of May, we can agree that stipend of this month is later.

Nevertheless, the monthly stipend of N33000 will be duely paid.

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