NLNG Recruitment 2020 — Requirements & How To Apply

NLNG Recruitment 2020 — Requirements & How To Apply

NLNG invites interested and qualified persons to their 2020 recruitment exercise. To apply for any positions in NLNG, carefully read through this article.

NLNG stands for Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas. This company can employ graduates of Engineering departments.

I believe you have entered this page because you want to apply for NLNG recruitment. In this case, you would be getting all the necessary informations you need  to apply. You would also see the application portal where you can apply directly from. Again, if you want to know about the current requirements for getting enrolled, kindly read through this article.

However, this site does not provide employment but gives you a hint on getting employed.  It would put you through the application process and grant you tips on getting prepared.

Nevertheless, there are requirements you would have to meet in other to get employed. Therefore, you cannot get recruited if you do not meet these requirements.

Requirements For NLNG Recruitment

You are expected to have studied an engineering course in a recognised tertiary institution. Preferably, courses like Petro-chemical, mechanical, oil & gas Engineering.

A degree in a related discipline is required.

Also, there would be a need for experience because the job would demand experienced persons.

How To Apply

  • To apply online, you should log into the official recruiting portal via
  • create a profile by entering your name, phone number and email address.
  • Fill the form which will be shown on your screen with necessary details.
  • Upload your relevant documents as required.
  • After that, crosscheck the informations you have provided. Finally, submit the form online.

Documents To Upload

  • Again, you should scan your educational qualifications and certificates.
  • A well composed Curriculum vitae.
  • Local government identification letter.
  • Birth certificate or Age declaration.
  • Passport photograph

Importantly, make sure these documents listed above are scanned and well captured. The documents should also not be blurry because it could lead to disqualification.

These are the informations that are released now, but you can ask questions and it would be answered promptly.

To get more informations about NLNG 2020 recruitment, Kindly bookmark this page. Subsequently,feel free to drop your email and phone number to get job notifications.

However, questions relating to NLNG recruitment would be entertained and attended to promptly.

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