JAMB Regularization For NYSC Mobilisation | See How To Do It Easily By Yourself

Jamb Regularization ; How To Do Jamb Regularization And Why It Is Necessary.

Very Importantly, there are some things that are unavoidable when it comes to the educational sector especially in Nigeria.

Just thesame way it is compulsory that every bonafide students who has made it out of the higher Institution to run NYSC, same way you must regularise your JAMB.

Now, you might be asking what JAMB Regularization is and why it is very compulsory.

You need not to worry about this again because this post is here to tell you the complete details of what you need to know about JAMB REGULARIZATION.

You might want to ask;

  • What is Jamb Regularization?
  • Is it compulsory for everyone?
  • Can I go for service without doing the jamb Regularization?
  • How do I do jamb Regularization?
  • How much does it cost ?

These questions and many more might be crossing your mind at this moment because a lot of students have asked asked this.

However, the answers to this questions will be extensively discussed here. So, while we advice that you do not miss any line of this post, read carefully and follow the instructions to be guided properly.


Firstly, do you know that in Nigeria, the joint admission and matriculation board (JAMB) is responsible for granting and managing tertiary education admission?

Now you do!

JAMB regularization is a process of managing or regulating students of OND,  HND, NCE, bachelor’s Degree programs for easy reference and recognition.

Also, another name for jamb regularisation is late entry Or Direct Entry Admission. The reason for this will be discussed later in this post, so,  kindly read through.

However, this is very important because without this, it is likely that your admission is not recognised and could be declared null.

Furthermore, read this article carefully to see the importance of doing your jamb regularization and people who it is mostly likely to affect the most.


As a matter of fact, jamb regularization is not for everyone but it is necessary that all students confirm that their jamb is regularized because it is very important.

Meanwhile, below are the categories of people who are to do jamb regularization compulsorily.

Direct Entry Students

These are students who after their provisional admission into an institution decide to transfer to another school to further their education. Especially those who school in polytechnics and colleges of education and decide to run a degree program in the university.

Those who got admission in an institution that do not need jamb 

There are institutions who do not require jamb score or result to be admitted. For example, National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN).

Students Who Run Programs That Does Not Require JAMB

Yes! There are certain programs in tertiary institutions that do not require  JAMB exam for students of such programs. For example, Pre-Degree students do not require to write jamb to be admitted. Therefore, students who got admission into any higher institution though pre-degree must do jamb regularisation.

Also, Students Who Study Courses In An Institution Which Was Not Originally Granted To Them By JAMB

There are students who are currently studying a course which was not the original course granted to them when they gained admission via JAMB. For example, if a student was offered admission into psychology department in an institution and later decides to change to Law after the first year; such student is required to do jamb regularization.

I believe with the few illustrations above, you now have a clearer view or understanding of what jamb regularisation is and people who are to regularize their jamb.

Now, let us see the importance of doing jamb regularization.


  1. Firstly, your admission will not be recognized by JAMB which is the body that regulates admission in Nigeria.
  2. As a result of the statement above, your admission might be considered null and void.
  3. Also, you will not be able to be mobilised for service.
  4. Hence, you will not have your NYSC certificate which is very essential in Nigeria and has become a criteria to get employed.
  5. And lastly but not the least, you might just as well consider your years in tertiary institution a waste. Yes!

So, the reasons above is why you should endeavor to do your jamb regularization speedily without relent.


Funny enough, some people might not be aware that they need to regularize their jamb. Only students, whose name is already on the jamb admission list do not need to do the jamb regularisation. Well, this is how to check if you are on the JAMB ADMISSION LIST

  • Visit jamb direct portal @ www.jamb.org.ng
  • Scroll to the year you wrote your jamb and click on it.
  • Now, click on check admission status.
  • Enter your jamb registration number.
  • Afterwards, if your name is on the jamb admission list, your details will appear. Else, it will show you No admission offered yet

In this case, you should do jamb regularization. Though, sometimes you might just be directed to reprint your admission letter after your details appear. In this later case, just go to a cyber café and reprint your jamb admission letter


  • Create a jamb profile in jamb portal @ www.jamb.org.ng
  • You will now have to log into your email which you provided while creating your profile to continue the process.
  • Subsequently, a password will be sent to you which you will use to login your account.
  • Click on late application 
  • Immediately, a transaction ID will be generated which you will use for future references.
  • Afterwards, you will be directed to make payment to continue your process.
  • Now, press continue and proceed to make payment after selecting your payment type.
  • After payment, you will be instructed to enter your JAMB REGISTRATION NUMBER & YEAR OF ADMISSION
  • When this is done correctly, an application form will be displayed on the screen for you to fill it.
  • Now, fill it with the required details correctly and carefully.
  • Afterwards, submit the form online and an identity form or slip will be displayed to you for printing.
  • Subsequently, print it out and take it to your institution for approval.
  • Your institution will forward it to jamb office for approval and correction.
  • Finally, once jamb has processed your application, a notification will be sent to you confirming that your corrections have been made.


Actually, there is no deadline for jamb regularization because it occurs all year round for people to log in.

Congratulations! You have now successfully known how to do your jamb regularization and save yourself of stress and money.


As at when this post was published, jamb regularisation cost N10,000

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Thank You!

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