U.S.A Visa Interview Sample Questions In Nigeria & How To Answer Them Correctly

U.S.A Visa Interview Sample Questions In Nigeria & How To Answer Them Correctly. U.S.A visa interview tips for Nigerians. How to prepare for U.S.A visa Interview in Nigeria. Questions Nigerians must answer at the U.S.A during their Visa Interview. U.S.A Visa interview Tips.

This article contains the most popular sample questions asked during U.S.A Visa interview at their embassy in Nigeria. We want to prepare you for U.S.A Visa interview by showing you the most common questions asked during U.S.A Visa interview in Nigeria.

Getting a U.S.A Visa from Nigeria is most travelers dream. It can be achieved by anyone and that is by preparing yourself before your interview date. Do you have any intention to visit the U.S.A from Nigeria?, If yes then this article is for you. U.S.A Visa interview is a compulsory step that must be taking by anyone who want to get U.S.A Visa from Nigeria.

Maybe you have applied for the U.S.A Visa or about to do that. You need to take some relevant preparation by making yourself ready for the interview before date. That is why we have provided the questions asked often at U.S.A visa interview at their embassy in Nigeria. U.S.A Visa interview questions and answers for Nigerians is what we have discussed in this post.

You need to know the likely questions that might be asked during U.S.A Visa interview and how to answer them correctly. In addition, this post contains questions and answers for all types of U.S.A Visa interview you may wish to apply.

We do hope this article is interesting to you as we are about to review more information to you. First, you need to know the type of U.S.A Visa that you want to apply from Nigeria. See a brief description of types of U.S.A Visa you can apply from Nigeria below.

Types Of U.S.A Visa You Can Apply From Nigeria Anytime

Generally there are two types of Visa:

  1. Non-immigrant Visa; are for temporary visit such as Tourism, Work, Study, Visiting Family/Friend or studying.
  2. Immigrant visa; are for people who want to migrate to the U.S.A. They will be issued Permanent Resident Card commonly known as Green Card.

The above are the two major types of Visa. However, there are about 185 types of Visa people can apply from their different location. Let’s now show you the questions and answers asked during U.S.A Visa interview at U.S.A embassy in Nigeria (Abuja).

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U.S.A Visa Interview Sample Questions Asked At U.S.A Embassy In Nigeria (Abuja).

  1. Why do you want to travel to the US?
    This is the most common and first question asked at U.S.A Visa interview. You have to state clearly the reasons you want to travel to the U.S.A. Take note that all questions and answers are recorded for reference purposes. However, inconsistencies in your answers may affect your chances of getting U.S.A Visa from Nigeria.
  2. How long will you stay in the US?
    Tell them the length of your stay in the U.S.A. however, it is important to tell them a short while in order to make them believe that you will not stay too long.
  3. Why do you choose to study in the U.S.A?
    This question is asked mostly in student’s Visa. Briefly tell your interviewer your reasons for choosing the U.S.A as your country of Study.
  4. Do you have any relative in the USA?
    Always give them the right answers. However, it is not too necessary to tell them about your relatives except for close family member/members.
  5. Have you booked your tickets?
    Answer Yes or No as correctly
  6. Are you single or married
    Still give the appropriate answer. Add supporting information when necessary
  7. Do you have any sponsor?
    Briefly describe if you have. But say no if you don’t have any sponsor.
  8. Do you have any intention to live permanent in the United States?
    This is a simple question but most times people tend to give the wrong answer. Here, you have to tell them that you will return to Nigeria as soon as you complete your purpose of visiting U.S.A
  9. When do you want to visit the U.S.A
    Say exactly your preferred time of visit, at least a month. You can always give supporting information when necessary.
  10. Will you work in the US?
    Now, your answer will depend on the type of Visa you are applying for. Give them answer that will correspond to your Visa application.
  11. Where will you live in the US?
    Give them all information you know about your destination. Also, it is important to memorize it before your interview. do not tell them that you want to live with a family member or friend.
  12. Have you booked your tickets?
    Answer Yes or No
  13. Do you have your medical insurance ready?
    Tell your interviewer that you must do it as soon as you get the U.S Visa
  14. What is your current job?
    Answer correctly. Tell them if you are on work live or have no job at present.
  15. How will you pay for your trip?
    Now, you may be required to present your bank statement or sponsor’s bank statement. tell them how you will make your payment.

The above questions and answers are mostly asked at U.S.A Visa interview. practice them very well before you go for your interview. However, you can practice it with someone to see how good you can be at your interview. In addition, student Via may require more information about your previously attended institution and the school you wish to apply for in the United states.

Important U.S.A Visa Interview Tips

  • Be honest
  • Do not argue with your interviewer
  • Always give supporting information when necessary
  • Do not fidget
  • Be punctual. At least 10 minutes earlier
  • make good eye contact and smile when important.
  • Be confident in any response you give

The above are the basic things you need to know about U.S.A Visa interview especially when applying from Nigeria. Prepare your self properly and you will have a high chance of getting the united States Visa.

We believe this article was very helpful to you. If yes kindly share with friends and general public. We will always update this post to correspond with new changes regarding U.S.A visa application especially when applying from Nigeria. Kindly BOOKMARK this page and keep checking back to get every updates.

Do you need more information or help? If yes kindly request for help Via the comment box or ask your questions. We will reply you as soon as possible.


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