See What Academic Session Students Will Resume Into — School Reopening Updates

What Academic Session Are We Now? See The Answers To Common Questions Asked By Students, & School Resumption

It is no longer news that the school curriculum for this year (2020) for primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary instituitions have been affected. However, this was due to the unforeseen circumstances as a result of the pandemic out break.

Nevertheless, schools were suspended for the benefit of every individual. Afterall, it is better to secure life first before everything should follow, right?

However, a lot of students have been asking questions as to when schools are likely to resume. This question has been trending with no specific answer. Not to worry, in this post we will try to clarify the following questions;

  • When will school reopen?
  • What academic session are pupils and secondary school students going to resume for?
  • What academic session are we now?
  • When is the date for WAEC resumption?
  • How do students continue to learn this period?
  • What is the 2020/2021 Academic calendar.

When Will School Re-Open?

Recently, there has been a sort of considerations but contemplations on when schools will reopen for good. Though schools were to reopen for exit classes like JSS3 & SS3 classes so they can pass out already. The date for reopening have been scheduled and rescheduled severally because no standard safety guidelines against the covid-19 has been made.

However, schools will be opened soonest so that atleast, exit classes can write their exams. As soon as West African Examination Council (WAEC) fixes the date for the exam schedule, then WAEC students can commence with the exams.

What Academic Session Will Students Resume For?  Is It 2020/2021 or 2021/2022?

This question might seem funny, but in the real sense, it is a question that has gotten so many confused. However, schools are supposed to resume into the classes and continue from where they stopped before the covi-19 outbreak and lockdown.

Though, Oyo state government has decided that students should be promoted based on their 1st term and 2nd term performance. This was said so that the school can still continue with the proposed school calendar for 2020/2021.

What Academic Session Are We Now?

Normally, following the school calendar for 2020/2021, students are supposed to have commenced with the third term holiday to resume by September. However, considering the situation of things, this idea might not be generally adopted. Even though Oyo state government have shown readiness to resume at once.

When Is The Date For WAEC

According to a statement released by the director of press, ministery of education on the 27th of July, Exit classes are to resume immediately after the sallah holiday.

Furthermore, the minister of education had announced that exit classes resume on the 4th of August for normal academic activities.

What Is The 2020/2021 Calendar Like?

Below is the proposed calendar for the 2020/2021 Academic Calendar which has been fixed.

Proposed 2020/2021 Academic Calendar

The question is; will this calendar still be followed as planned considering the situation of the economy and it’s effect on education 2019/2020?

Based on this question,more updates will be posted here so that students can know where they stand.

Also, you are advised to keep visiting this page in other to be updated with school resumption updates.


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