US may withdraw VISAs for foreign students

If you are looking to study abroad in the US or maybe you are already studying in the US as a foreigner, this is for you. International students studying in the US will not be allowed to stay in the US this fall if their university is exploring all online classes. Unless, therefore, they change the teaching and learning of man. Since the onset of the disease, universities have not only the United States but many parts of the world, taking several classes online. Instead of going to physical education classes, they asked students to attend online classes. This does not only apply to college students. In many countries, other departments, such as elementary and high school, go online or stop any student. This is of course, due to the infectious disease and the need to exercise socially. In the United States, foreign students may want to leave. Before you fear, there are sentences. This was announced by the American Immigration and Naturalization Service (ICE) that students in the US could face harassment if they do not follow through. The rule here is to switch to human education. At this time, there are no clear numbers for how many students will be affected by this. Undoubtedly a large number of international students go to the US to study each year and so on, they are a great source of income for higher education. This is due to the fact

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