10 best countries that you don’t know but exited

In almost 200 countries around the world, you must have a large land accident to identify each one. But the whole country has a history, some of which they have never heard of before is a rich history full of unsuspecting military leaders. Here you will find ten unknown countries in the world – some from the best underground paradise, some from a devastating ecosystem, some from the very risk of flooding into rivers and extinction forever. But they all raise their awareness, and all citizens have different ways and cultures that exist to define who they are. The list of foreign countries tried to separate but to no avail. Saint Kitts and Nevis, with an area of ​​101 square kilometers, is the eighth smallest country in the world, and the smallest country in the United States and the West. A Caribbean country, the country shows from the historical ruins of canine gum, green monkeys, and beautiful events.

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