Tuition Free American Degrees at University of the People

People’s University is the world’s first non-profit, accredited, online, tuition-free American university offering undergraduate and graduate degrees. The university follows a conventional American model of university and is accredited by the accrediting commission of distance education. In addition, prestigious scholars from Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, NYU, Oxford, UC Berkeley, Georgetown, and more are part of the university.

Field Of Study:
Masters of Business Administration(MBA), Associate’s Degree in Business Administration, Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science, Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Associate’s Degree in Computer Science, Master of Education (M.Ed.), Associate’s Degree in Health Science.

Two years for a Master’s degree and four years for a Bachelor’s degree.

The Forms of Scholarship:
—Scholarship to the Federal Republic of Germany: for Syrian applicants residing in Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey or Jordan. This scholarship includes payment for an undergraduate degree course review.

—The M.Ed. Scholarship from the International Baccalaureate.

—For candidates who already have a Bachelor’s Degree and are interested in a Master’s Degree in Education. For a Master’s Degree in Education, this scholarship covers course review costs.

U.S. Embassy Scholarship in Burkina Faso: for applicants residing in Burkina Faso. This scholarship pays expenses for the course review for an Associate’s Degree.

Simone Biles Legacy Scholarship Fund: provided to all students pursuing a degree, with preference for candidates who have been in foster care. For bachelor’s degrees and associate students, the scholarship is.

Bottari Women’s Scholarship Fund: offered to candidates pursuing Brazilian, female, associate degrees. Up to 10 Test Registration Fees cover the scholarship.

Scholarship Fund for Emergency Humanitarian Assistance: for refugees and asylum seekers. Up to 10 Test Registration Fees cover the scholarship.

Foundation Hoffmann Scholarship: for students pursuing a degree who have been awarded a Hoffmann Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship is for students with associate degrees and covers up to 10 Exam Processing Fees.

Gabriel and Marci Hawawini Scholarship Fund: for students who have been awarded a Hawawini Scholarship and are pursuing a degree. Up to 10 Exam Processing Fees are included.

Gutwirth Foundation Scholarship Fund: provided to students born or living in Israel or Palestine pursuing Foundation and Degree-Seeking. The scholarship is available for students with associate degrees and covers the funding for up to the 20 Exam Processing Fees needed for the degree of an associate.

Small Giants Refugee Scholarship Fund: for students who are refugees or who reside in Israel and who are seeking asylum and who are also seeking degrees. The scholarship offers support for up to 20 test processing fees and is offered only to students with associate degrees.

Uopeople General Scholarship Fund: for students pursuing a degree who are not awarded or eligible for a dedicated scholarship. Up to 10 Test Registration Fees cover the scholarship.

Vietnamese Scholarship Fund: offered to Foundations and Degree-Seeking students residing in Vietnam studying for an associate’s degree. The scholarship is permanent and offers up to 10 Exam Processing Fees for support.

How To Apply:
The application for tuition-free degrees at the University of the People is made online, so you need to visit the official scholarship website for more information: CLICK HERE

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