McMaster International Award Of Excellence – USA

Established as a public institution, the University of Southern Maine comprises campuses in various states in the US state of Maine, such as Portland, Gorham and Lewiston.

The Gorham Normal School and the University of Maine at Portland have been officially established into two autonomous state universities. Both universities were merged in 1970 to help rationalize the public university education system in Maine and eventually expanded with the addition of the Lewiston campus in 1988.

Definition of Scholarship:
The McMaster International Scholarship of Excellence at the Southern Main University in the United States of America is now available in all fields for international and undergraduate students.

Host University: University of Southern Main;
Host Country: USA;
Study Level: Undergraduate Level;
Scholarship Type: Partial Funding;
Scholarship Worth: 2,000$ – 5,000$;
Eligible Countries: International Students;
Subjects available: All Subjects;
Application Deadline: The Scholarship is Open;

Benefits from Scholarships:
Scholarships are allocated according to three sections of the University of Southern Maine award:

USM Award:$2,000 per year;
Dirigo Award: $3,500 per annum;
President’s Award: $5,000 per year.

Requirements for eligibility:
If they are from outside the USA, students will be admitted.
The Scholarship is available in all fields offered by the Southern Main University;
Students must join a Level 1 program in High School students that is already open to national and foreign students;
A final entry grade for the top 10% of the faculty.

Process of Application:
Help documentation required: Students who are currently in high school at a Canadian institution affiliated with a province where government-issued academic statements are issued (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan) should ask their high school to send full academic records to the university administration, including their final scores for Grade 12 in the first semester and a list of all courses.

Conditions of Acceptance: Candidates are expected to pass the university admission process for the chosen program successfully.
Linguistic qualification: Applicants may be excused from McMaster’s English language assessment process, depending on the university’s discretion, if they have one of the following conditions:
For a period of not less than four years, a full-time university student (non-ESL) enrolled in an approved high school or accredited college in an Anglophone nation was enrolled immediately before the date on which the student is supposed to enter McMaster.


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