100,000+ Google Scholarships For International Students

This pandemic scenario has had a positive influence on the education system around the world, where online courses and online scholarships are being implemented by many colleges and institutions. And one of them is Google.

By providing over 100,000 fully funded scholarships for the 2020/2021 session, Google offers students a great opportunity to receive some advanced training and get an online credential to make a great impact on their CV.

When you apply for a similar position at Google!, the credential would be viewed as the equivalent of a four-year degree. The good news is that no one can qualify for any unique degree or experience!

The online courses offered by Google are developed and hosted via Coursera by Google experts. Students are strongly encouraged, particularly in this pandemic situation, to sign up for these online courses.

Google Scholarships Details:
Host Organization: GoogleEligible.
Country: USA.
Open to: International Students.
No of Scholarships: 100,000.
Access Mode: Online.
Platform: E-Learning.
Fields and Majors offered: Project Management, Data Analytics, User Experience (UX) Design.
Duration: Three to six months.

Offered Fields and Majors:
Analytics for Data:
By definition, the science of processing raw data and converting it into insight is data analytics. The average Data Analytics salary at the start is up to $70,000 a year, and the salary increases over time.

Plan Administration:
A project manager, also called a project leader, is a project management specialist. It is a person who is responsible for a project’s planning, procurement, design, execution and control. Project managers, according to Google, will earn $93,000 a year.

Design of user interface (UX):
“UX architecture stands for “design of user experience” and UI stands for “design of user interface”. UX-UI designers are normally paid for the assembly, analysis, research and assessment of user conditions. According to Google, UX designers will earn $ 75,000 a year.

How To Apply:
Students must search the official Google Scholarship page when the application process begins in order to be eligible for the bid.

Google has a Coursera collaboration, which is an online paying platform where the courses will be hosted. Applicants should first sign up and register themselves via coursera. The monthly fees for Coursera and qualification expenses will be covered by the Google scholarships.

There is no prerequisite for any degree or work experience, as we stated before. Students must be fluent in written and spoken English, and certain supporting documentation must be submitted, such as a copy of the national ID card.

The Length of the Scholarship:
The qualification period is 3-6 months.

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