International School of Management PhD Positions – UK

The University of Bradford, located in Bradford City, West Yorkshire, England, is a state-funded research university. The university, founded in 1832 as an academic institution, officially became the 40th university to be established in Great Britain in 1966.

The University of Bradford continues to expand its international reputation, its variety of academic courses and its influence on science over more than 50 effective years.

The university leads the way in the development of new subjects and teaching strategies that, as a general interest, respond to and advance the demands of employers, students, and the society.

There are 7,435 undergraduate and 2,225 graduate students at the university.
The University of Bradford was the first UK academic institution to create a Department of Peace Studies in 1973, becoming the world’s largest center for the global advancement of both peace and conflict research.

Definition of Scholarship:

The International School of Management welcomes international students and provides the opportunity to undertake one or more PhD programs at the University of Bradford in the fields of medicine, life sciences, public management, social sciences and law.

University Host: Bradford University;
Host Country: United Kingdom
Level of Study: PhD;
Form of Scholarship: Partial Funding;
Worth of Scholarship: £ 15,285;
Countries Eligible: Foreign students;
Subjects available: Law, Life Sciences, Health, Social Sciences, Public Management;
Deadline for requests: January 27, 2021.

Benefits from Scholarships:
Selected students are awarded a tuition scholarship to help them finance the costs of their homeschooling, a grant of £ 15,285 per month in 2020/21 at the UKRI monthly rate, as well as a £ 2,000 research study-training award to help pay for costs such as travel and field work.

Requirements for eligibility:
The applicants must fulfill any of the following conditions in order to be admitted:

Students are expected to complete the process of applying for a PhD as usual, but indicate their intention to apply for the WRDTP scholarship in the application form in the application funding area;
It is appropriate for students to be international students.

Process of Application:
Applicants must be seeking a PhD in the university program to be enrolled in the program.


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