Easy steps to apply for Canadian visa from Nigeria?

Canada is one of the world’s most enchanting countries to visit. Each year thousands of people go to Canada to find a new life and a new place of work. You’ll find this article useful if you want to visit, work, study or permanently stay in Canada. Here’s how Nigeria can apply for a Canada Visa!

Be aware that Nigeria’s can take a long time to apply for a Canadian Visa. If you have an opportunity to use Visa centers to help you acquire a Canadian Visa, then you should find this.

If you want to tackle this role on your own, then follow the steps below: How to obtain Canadian Visa from Nigeria? – Check first for your Eligibility!

No matter what sort of visa you wish to obtain from the Canadian Embassy, you will have to satisfy these conditions:

  1. Request a valid International Passport;
  2. Be healthy (your medical history may need to be checked, even if you have HIV and AIDS – you may receive a negative response to your visa application);
  3. In Nigeria you can have evidence that you have links. This includes evidence that you’ve got a job, family, houses , businesses or properties. If you want to visit Canada for a short period of time, these assets would be a proof of your return to Nigeria;
  4. Proving you have enough money to live in Canada should be presented;
  5. To a Visa Application Center you can have all the necessary documentation.

How to acquire Nigerian Canadian Visa? – Required Documents!

Any application for a visa to Canada would require multiple documents to be submitted along with your application. Therefore be careful about this and provide the appropriate and documented details to all the necessary documents. Note that if you make a mistake or if they think you are deceptive, the Canadian Embassy in Nigeria will reject your Visa application.
For any Canadian Visa you’ll definitely need two papers.
— Application Form IMM5257
— Family Information Form IMM5645   
Compulsory documentation to apply with the Canadian application

An invitation from a representative of a individual or company to meet you in Canada.

  1. It should include contact details, length of stay, reason and dates of visit;
  2. A short note about your journey. It should include contacts, destinations, purposes of your trip, length of stay, booked hotel addresses and provisional airline reservations;
  3. Past passports (it acts as proof of your previous history of travel); payment for your visa processing fee;
  4. Two passport photos on the back, with your signature and date. Your international passport will be at least six months old. If you will also be accompanied by other members of your family, then you can also have their own passport images. On the back of the photos don’t forget to write their birth names and dates;
  5. Your initial passport to Nigeria and those belonging to everyone who accompanies you. The passport should be issued in Nigeria. It should have a validity span of at least six months and contain two blank visa pages;
  6. Also, you should provide a photocopy of your bio-data page. It’s the page showing your name, surname, birth date, place of birth, photo, etc.;
  7. Invitation evidences, hotel confirmation, seminar registration, trade show, research meeting, etc.; bio-metric fees;
  8. Capital evidence.
  9. You’ll need to show proof that your travel costs can be covered.
  10. Reasonable evidence of payability may include a certificate bank statement of your financial history for three preceding months, evidence of investment in your bank account or a sponsorship list from the individual inviting you to Canada;
  11. Self-addressed courier return envelope to get back your papers.

When you complete all the paperwork required to receive your Canadian Visa, you’ll also need to complete a VFS consent form. This form should be appended to your application papers! If you don’t fill in the form, all your documents are returned to you!

Charge for applying for visas

If you want to fly to Canada, you will be expected to pay Visa application fee. If the application is denied, the visa fee will not be refunded to you. To process your application fee and biometric fees just visit the nearest Canada Visa Application Center.

This center is at 16, Billing Way, Industrial Area Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos. You are only obliged to pay in cash. Note that for service charges you may be required to pay an additional $40.

Submit, process and obtain

Send all the necessary documentation to the Application Center for Visas Canada. Visa Applications are approved Monday through Friday from 8 am to 3 pm.

You’ll need to wait up to 14 days before accepting your application. If your documents are approved, then the visa stamp will require you to apply your passport.

Note that the passport transmission would allow you to pay $32.00. You will also be informed when you will be returning your passport!

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